Our business model emphasizes our dedication to life and public safety, asset protection, and environmental technologies. Cryo Response holds patented technologies that are directly focused on fire, military, life safety, and public safety markets. These cost competitive technologies are most effective on petro-chemical, oil, gas, and hazardous material spills. The detriments of current alternatives come with life threatening consequences, extreme monetary costs, and dangerous environmental effects. The CryoAssault™, PetroSafe™, ClearTec™, and TechnoClean™ solutions are unique and unmatched in their pursuit of environmental safety.

Cryo Response Inc. delivers a cost effective, safe, and environmental alternative technology to combat fires, mitigate damage and cost, clean hazardous materials, and contain dangerous spills. Cryo Response fire suppression systems are leading the way to protect critical field assets and personnel. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that whatever situation you encounter, there’s one solution that protects and contains. The Cryo Response technologies are the only rapid deployment systems that attack all fire types including petro-chemicals, explosives, hazardous materials and much more. 

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