CryoResponse CRA2000 and CRA3000 series products are built with the large responder in mind and may respond to multiple calls on a single outing. CRA2000 units follow the same manufacturing specifications as its smaller brothers but the CRA3000 is standardized to fit into your traditional chassis manufacturer specifications. This allows emergency response crews to use the same, familiar fire apparatus manufacturers but have the benefits of CryoAssault inside!

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CryoResponse CRA1000 series products are built to be nimble but pack a powerful punch. When it comes to response times, the CRA1000 provides the speed of an On-Scene Command vehicle with the capacity to respond to whatever disaster calls you. With the same standardized parts used in all CryoAssault units, rest assured that service crews can keep your unit out in the field.

*Working weights are approximate and do not include options or stored materials. 
Cryo Response, Inc. has a policy of continuous product improvement, and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.

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