CryoAssault series systems provide technologies that fight fires, contain spills, and remediate response scenes fast, efficient, and green. These unique pieces of equipment are built with the durability you have come to expect from other fire apparatus you rely upon to fight disaster. The uniqueness of the CryoResponse patented technology within these systems now provide you a unique advantage not available with other systems.

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CRA300 Series

CRA700 Series

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  • OIl & gas assets
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Remote Fires
  • Haz-mat fires
  • Structure fires
  • Wild-land fires

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*Working weights are approximate and do not include options or stored materials. 
Cryo Response, Inc. has a policy of continuous product improvement, and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.

CryoResponse offers many different configurations and sizes to fit the needs of most first response organizations. Standardized manufacturing methods insure that our customers have regularly available parts and also shorter delivery times for ordered units. This allows you to be ready to deploy CryoResponse units whenever the need arises.