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Medical Grade Air

Field Flow™ adjustable valve designed to meet increased demand for oxygen.

Functions in harsh environments and remote areas of deployment.

The O2XBox™ unit was designed to be a portable, light weight, rugged, and self contained system for quick and easy deployment by field and medical responders.

O2XBox™ cylinders are constructed with enhanced carbon composite protection and a uniquely formulated, highly durable exterior coating. The external armor results in a substantially improved impact and abrasion tolerant cylinder.​

  • Internal mask storage
  • Light, durable design 
  • Withstands high impact
  • Masks and tubing included
  • Easy training and maintenance
  • 15 year service life

Rugged Construction, simple design, and proven reliability make the O
2XBox™ a must for athletics and sports medicine, wild-land fires, Law Enforcement, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Homeland Security, the mining industry, and Haz-Mat emergencies.

Multiple aviation incidents related to the effects of hypoxia take place each year. Pilots begin to feel these effects at 5,000 feet, which compound at night due to vision shift from the retinal cones to rods in the eyes. The O
2XBox™ provides on-demand oxygen to pilots and passengers and helps Commercial Charters meet increased FAA safety guidelines that may reduce their insurance premiums.

Each year thousands of deaths occur due to smoke inhalation during fires in the U.S. The O
2XBox™ is the only portable, self contained, multi-port oxygen supply unit first responders can use to treat victims. The O2XBox™ is used in fire safety zones for recovery of up to 8 people per unit at one time for a duration of over two hours.

* Oxygen Duration specifications are approximate. "Approx. Duration" is common industry jargon and is intended to draw a comparison to competitive products only. Duration specifications should not be considered as literal as the duration of each 02xBox is predicated on the breathing rate of the user, environmental factors, number of ports active, port settings, and more.


  • Light weight
  • Simple on/off toggle switch
  • Self sealing ports
  • Built-in gauge
  • Built-in refill port
  • Self contained unit ​


The O2XBox™ was designed to be a simple rapid deployment system for administration of oxygen to victims in emergency situations. The multi-port system supports up to 8 users in a completely self contained, portable unit.


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