Unlike water and foam agents, The Cryo Response technologies eliminate costly damage to buildings and equipment. Cryo Pellets™ are non-abrasive, nonflammable and nonconductive. Cryo Pellets™ may therefore be used without damaging active electrical or mechanical parts or creating fire hazards.


The Cryo AirAttack™, Assault™, and PetroSafe™ systems propel scientifically designed Cryo Pellets™ to “freeze” all types of oil, hazardous material or fires for containment. These Cryo Pellets™ are safely delivered from long or short distances using the turrets, hoses, and other specially designed delivery systems.


Cryo Response technologies utilize free flowing gases from the natural environment. That gas is extracted from the atmosphere and converted for delivery to the Cryo AirAttack™, Assault™, and PetroSafe™ systems. Once discharged for fire suppression and/or oil & hazmat containment and cleanup, the solid returns to its gaseous state and is released back into the atmosphere. This creates a recycling effect.

The Cryo Response systems can be mobile or permanent based on the requirements and be used for Oil Platforms, Manufacturing Plants, Fire Departments, Wildland Fires, and many other applications.

Cryo Response has the ability to "freeze" fuels in their containers creating a sealed plug using Cryo Pellets™. This Cryo Plug™ has been tested to hold for up to 30 hours. This gives responders the capability to pump or move the fuel to other containers. The Cryo Pellets™ also can be used to freeze the ground or water contaminated by the oil. The spill can then be easily cleaned through various methods using the same Cryo Pellet™ technology.

Cryo Response's ability to "freeze" liquids provides several other benefits too. The Cryo Pellet™ technology through this process reduces gas emmissions from hazmat fuels. This reduces the risk of ignition because the new solid is retaining all of the gases in the fuel. The Cryo Pellets™ are also displacing the oxygen in and around the hazardous material creating another safety barrier for response crews. The spill can then be easily cleaned through various methods using the same Cryo Pellet™ technology.

Cryo Response Inc. is the only company that provides an environmentally safe solution for the suppression of all types of fires. The unique process allows the CryoPellet™ to attack a fire from four applications (heat, oxygen, fuel, and the chemical reaction) simultaneously. This universal application and approach to fires allows fire fighters the flexibility to use only one product to attack the fire and focus on what matters most, saving lives! 

Fire - protect and prevent

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