The key to a successful technology introduction  is in the acceptance and certification of the technology in an industry recognized practice. We have incorporated philosophies from the fire industry, petro-chemical companies, and federal emergency programs into the CryoCollege™ portfolio of degree programs. Classes are administered through our partner educational facilities in instructor lead classes, computer based training systems, and instructor lead web based courses. These programs allow students the ability to earn degrees in emergency, life safety, and public safety disciplines.

One of the challenges in today’s global market for fire fighting and hazardous material response is training and certifications. State & local governments, federal emergency management branches, homeland security, national fire protection agencies, military branches, and others all have their own training programs related to specific individual needs.   The opportunity lies in bringing these disparate educational platforms into one internationally recognized university program for emergency response personnel.  This is the cornerstone of CryoCollege™ and its education partners.

CryoCollege™ is the cornerstone of educational training in fire, disasters, emergency management, petro-chemical,  hazardous materials, and advanced technologies as well as setting industry standards. 

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