*Working weights are approximate and do not include options or stored materials. 
Cryo Response, Inc. has a policy of continuous product improvement, and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.


  • Isolated hopper design
  • Advanced space-age hopper insulation (dramatically slows pellet sublimation)
  • Sealed hopper/lid design
  • Industry leading feeder design
  • Trigger-activated hopper agitation
  • Variable CryoPellet feed rate of 0-7 lb./min (0-3.2 kg/min)
  • Tilt-out hopper with unused pellet saving feature
  • 360° radius mobility
  • All terrain, no-flat wheels
  • 80 lb. (36 kg) hopper

CryoResponse PC2000 systems provide the mobility and flexibility required for the most demanding remote locations. These self-powered, self-contained units have all of the cleaning features of the Cryo TechnoClean PC1000 Series machines but do not require external power or air sources. This allows maximum portability for crews in remote areas such as oil fields, pipelines, military battlefields, and other hard to reach areas. Also, larger hopper designs allow your remote crews more efficiency and longer times before refills. 

CryoResponse provides environmental solutions for cleaning hazardous materials and spills. This unique system using our CryoPellet™ technology provides unmatched cleaning performance. CryoPellets™ are non-abrasive, non-polluting, and leave no residue. This creates the most sustainable environment for all of your cleaning needs. The Cryo TechnoClean™ systems provide a reliable, non-stop flow of pellets giving you hassle free cleaning.

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