CryoPellets™ for Cleaning in Petrochem Facilities

CryoResponse provides environmental solutions for cleaning hazardous materials and spills. This unique system using our CryoPellet™ technology provides unmatched cleaning performance. CryoPellets™ are non-abrasive, non-polluting, and leave no residue. This creates the most sustainable environment for all of your cleaning needs. The Cryo TechnoClean™ systems provide a reliable, non-stop flow of pellets giving you hassle free cleaning.

The Cryo Response systems can be mobile or permanent based on the requirements and are used for Oil Platforms, Manufacturing Plants, Chemical Plants, Oil & Chemical Storage Tanks, Field Rigs, Pipelines, Refineries, and many other applications.

​CryoPellets™ for Fires in Petrochem Facilities

CryoPellets™ are inert, non-abrasive, non-polluting, and leave no residue. This allows CryoPellets™ to be used in petrochemical and other hazardous material environments and are designed for pipelines, fuel storage, rigs, well sites, factories, and more. The system can be activated without tainting the fuel source. It does not introduce any chemicals, water, or foams into the piping, storage tanks, equipment thus eliminating the need to clean up fire retardants before operations can restart.

  • OIl & gas assets
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Fuel storage facilities
  • Refineries
  • Airports

The petrochemical industry has always been one of the most dangerous of all working environments and are extremely vulnerable to fire safety issues. Now, you also have the potential for devastating catastrophes from random security threats also. Plants pose a high risk for fires and blasts due to the high intensity explosions as a result of the on-site petroleum. No two petrochemical facilities are the same, so Cryo Response engineers it's technologies to be adaptable for most existing facilities for a quick response to saving lives and assets.

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