PetroSafe™ systems utilize an advanced pressurized valve system that interfaces with existing piping, valves, and joints. The activator can be retrofitted to take the place of existing interfaces with minimal work to integrate the system with platforms, rigs, derricks, tanks, decks, pipelines, and other areas needing fire protection and spill containment. 

Deck-side, top-side, and ground based PetroSafe™ units can also be used to clean spills and leaks along with a handheld "rose & reel" type fire unit for manual response situations.  

CryoPellets™ are inert, non-abrasive, non-polluting, and leave no residue. This allows the PetroSafe™ system to be used in petrochemical and other hazardous material environments and are designed for pipelines, fuel storage, rigs, well sites, factories, and more. The PetroSafe™ system also can be activated without tainting the fuel source. It does not introduce any chemicals, water, or foams into the piping, storage tanks, equipment thus eliminating the need to clean up fire retardants before operations can restart.

The PetroSafe™ system is a multi-use platform that contains spills, cleans, and attacks all fire types including petrochemicals, explosives, and other materials in petro-chemical processes. This unique system uses our environmental CryoPellet™ technology and provides unmatched fire protection. 


  • OIl & gas assets
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Fuel storage facilities
  • Refineries
  • Airports

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