The key advantages of the ClearTec™ Product Line when compared to many of the characteristics of the more conventional products are:

  • Works on land or water borne spills
  • Remains buoyant
  • Solidifies and is landfill approved
  • Resists leaching
  • Does not release solidified oils under pressure
  • Incinerates with less than 0.1% residual ash
  • Reduces overall clean-up time
  • Reduces overall costs
  • CryoPellets are an approved medium by the EPA, USDA & FDA, and are non-toxic, non-hazardous and inhibit mold & bacteria growth.
  • CryoPellets are safe to use with food processing equipment.
  • CryoPellets do not release harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • CryoPellets do not use any chemicals or natural resources.
  • CryoPellets do not generate secondary waste.
  • CryoPellets do not need to be cleaned up after deployment. Once particles impact a surface they dissipate into the atmosphere.
  • CryoPellets are inert and non-polluting. 
  • CryoPellets reduce or eliminate exposure to (and corporate liability from) the use of dangerous chemical agents. 

CryoPellets are inert and release no harmful gases or chemicals into the environment. They use no chemicals or natural resources and do not need to be cleaned up after deployment. Since the carbon and oxygen are both fixed from the atmosphere, CryoPellets are carbon neutral and support a sustainable environment; their presence in a hazardous material situation is temporary and virtually non-threatening to wildlife or humans.

When disaster strikes...
                              Time is of the essence.

Our CryoPellet™ process employs the use of atmospheric gasses to form pellets that temporarily freeze petroleum products and other hazardous liquid materials in order to limit their dispersion and to facilitate organized clean up. These methods are effective both on land and on aquatic surfaces. CryoPellets™ are easily delivered to the site of a spill and can be deployed by air, ship or land-based vehicles. Once the source of a hazardous material spill is located and the appropriate delivery method is determined, the pre-manufactured CryoPellets can be deployed in sufficient quantities and immediately go to work to materially contain most spills within a matter of seconds. The super-cooled CryoPellets™ then bond with and freeze the oil or other hazardous material, facilitating systematic recovery of the pollutant.Type your paragraph here.

Cryo Response partners with ClearTec™
ClearTec™ Rubberizer® Particulate is available in a variety of water treatment and filtration medias in order to meet the needs of today’s demanding environmental incidence responses. The advanced technologies are formulated from modern non-toxic, non-hazardous polymers capable of high absorption efficiencies. These filtration applications can save material costs, labor, and disposal volume by as much as 75%. Rubberizer® Particulate is also used for clarification of emulsions, or solidification and removal of various petroleum-based slicks from the surface of water. Once sorbed liquids are solidified, usually within 20 minutes, they are retrievable without loss of their contents caused by handling and the consequent dripping associated with many other products. 

Cryo Response is a one-stop solution for hazardous material spill containment and remediation. Our environmental technologies are on the cutting edge and are an expedient, safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly process. 

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